MicroStar is the PREMIER just-in-time keg solution that uses a pooled-keg model to flex with your demand.

We work with brewers to decide which of our two floats of high-quality kegs best meets their specific needs based on where they are in the country and where they want to send their beer. From coast to coast, we have an option that will fit your brewery!


Whether it’s our KegCraft or our MicroStar program, we take the worry out of keg management. Once full kegs are shipped to your wholesaler, your administrative hassles, risks of loss and slow turns associated with keg management are eliminated.


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How Pay-Per-Fill Works


We deliver the kegs you need fast

Let us worry about the purchasing and storage of inventory.


You fill & ship the kegs with no worries

No more managing labor and distribution logistics!


We track the kegs and arrange pickup

We have state of the art tracking technology and distribution.


The Microstar Advantage

We send you kegs from distributors who are close by. Reducing everyone's carbon footprint.


We repair & replace any damaged or lost kegs

Our quality control is unrivaled and reduces your worries.


Truly built for the brew

We love this industry and always have the brewers best interests in mind.

The Benefits


Growing brewers have a lot of volatility in their forecasts. Our pooled-asset model provides you with flexibility so you can always get the kegs you need, when you need them. We enable growth.


We help brewers free up capital by only having you pay for the kegs that you need. This will allow you to invest in brewing great beer and growing.


Managing kegs is a headache. Loss rates, turn rates, repair and maintenance, keg tracking… We take the worry out of keg ownership.


Because our pooled-asset model reduces the miles empty kegs have to travel, we’ve been helping reduce the industry’s carbon footprint dramatically for almost 20 years.

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Our proactive repair and maintenance programs keep our kegs in tip top shape. However, if you happen to find a keg that does not perform the way you expect, you simply set it aside and we’ll pick it up and fully repair it at no cost to you.

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Client Quotes
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Pay-Per-Fill Testimonials

The MicroStar program gives us the flexibility to handle seasonal demands so we can focus on making and selling beer.

Gene Muller
Flying Fish Brewing's Founder

Pay-Per-Fill Testimonials

By providing just-in-time keg deliveries, Microstar has been integral to our growth.

Steve Wagner
Stone Brewery's Co-Founder and President

Pay-Per-Fill Testimonials

We have been using MicroStar since Spring of 2000. Their national pooled keg system has enabled us to expand our market area beyond New England.

Alan Pugsley
Shipyard Brewing Company

Pay-Per-Fill Testimonials

They've always delivered the kegs we need, when we need them.

Dale Katechis
Oskar Blues Founder and Owner

Pay-Per-Fill Testimonials

We see the MicroStar team as an extension of our brewery.

Adam Avery
Avery Brewing's Founder and CEO

MicroStar manages the two largest independently-owned pools of kegs in the world: KegCraft and MicroStar-branded kegs. We work with each brewer to determine which program best meets their needs. CONTACT US to talk through your needs and we can identify the program that’s right for you.