If our Pay-Per-Fill program is not the right fit for you today, we can rent or sell you kegs with your brewery branding at competitive rates.


Keg Sales

Whether you’re looking for a few kegs or a few thousand kegs, we’ve got you covered. Our selection of new and used kegs for sale is unmatched and the fact that we can brand them for you in our own Keg Quality Center means you can get kegs quickly.


  • Embossing
  • Silk Screening
  • Bellybands
  • Debranding / rebranding

Keg Rentals

Why choose a KegCraft rental program?

The MicroStar Advantage:

  • One of the largest purchasers of kegs in the world = preferred purchasing position and pricing
  • New kegs in stock, ready to brand with your logo
  • Own the leading keg branding facility in North America
  • Own the #1 keg and valve repair and maintenance operation in the U.S.
  • Flexibility

About our kegs:

  • Industry standard Sankey D-type valves
  • European made
  • Available in ½ bbls, ¼ bbls and sixtels

For pricing, terms and other details, give us a shout and we can build a program to meet your needs.


The Benefits


Providing you kegs at a competitive rate coming from a state-of-the-art facility.


Streamlined repair and maintenance activities help keep brewery-branded kegs in the market longer.


If at any point you want to switch to our Pay-Per-Fill program, you can transition from your rental agreement hassle-free.

Client Quotes
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Keg Sales & Rentals Testimonials

MicroStar has provided solutions for expanding our cooperage and given us the ability to relieve space in our limited cold storage.

Pat Ware
Co-Founder Arizona Wilderness

Keg Sales & Rentals Testimonials

We’re able to free up capital to put back into the brewery.

Will Oliver
Founder Lithology Brewing

Keg Sales & Rentals Testimonials

We’ve been buying kegs from MicroStar for years and their quality and service levels can’t be beat.

Ted Rice
Founder - Marble Brewery

We pride ourselves on getting kegs to your brewery faster than anyone. All of our Rental and Sale kegs come from Green Bay, WI so once we get your order, the kegs will be on the truck to your brewery fast!

We acquired Tosca’s keg quality operation in 2015 and it has become the center piece of our new MicroStar Quality Services (MQS) division.

Our new 100,000 square foot Keg Quality Center is based in Green Bay, WI. Our team of keg quality experts have been meeting the industry’s keg needs for over 40 years.

Every brewers’ needs are different. However, in general the further you ship your kegs, the slower your turns and the higher your loss rates. Many brewers find that as soon as they are shipping kegs outside of their home town, it’s a good time to look into our pay-per-fill keg options. The beauty of our rental programs is it gives you option value. If at any point you want to exit your rental agreement and switch to pay-per-fill, you can.